Dhyeya IAS

Our wonderful results credit goes to using the latest innovative methodologies in our working system.

I.Classroom Lecture

  1. Well defined and up to date course.
  2. Easy delivery of lecture.
  3. Focus on concept clarity.
  4. Interactive study and use of charts/diagrams.
  5. Makes an interest in topics.
  6. Develop reading& writing skills.

II.Project Assignment

  1. Enhance the interest of student, .
  2. To enhance knowledge level of students..
  3. Develop good academic habits. .
  4. Use imaginative power of students.

III.Open discussion and comment on project assignment

  1. Doubt clarity
  2. Group discussion.
  3. Confidence building among students their comparative evaluation.
  4. Use of latest methodologies i.e Audio, Video,presentations.
  5. Full coverage of topics, students will understand every aspect of topics.

IV.Visit institution/group/quest lecture

  1. To understand the functioning of government institute such as school, municipal corporation and development authorities, we organize visits and tours.
  2. Focus on knowledge enhancement.
  3. senior bureaucrats ond experts will share their rich experience.
  4. Students will understand the ground realities.
  5. To connect students to their surroundings.

V.Test and test evaluation

  1. Daily concept clarity test.
  2. Weekly test.
  3. Revision test within in a month.
  4. Test result same day.
  5. Rank wise position and encouragement.
  6. Focus to identify the weakness of students.

VI.Parents/Students/Teacher Meeting/Feedback

  1. Monthly meeting with parents so that parents will understand the progress of their children.
  2. We ensure parents participation in students classroom progress.
  3. Feedback through test and email Id and through social media.
  4. Parents will get a message from institution if student does not attend the class.
  5. There will be no communication gap
  6. Feedback forms will be filled by students/Parents.

VII.Value System

Our working system is based on some basic value.These values are hard work, descipline,integrity ,co-operation etc .we are focused on how to make students a good citizen and a good officer.Our value system runs in our routine class.

VIII. Administration

  1. Very responsive and attentive.
  2. Day to day observation and monitoring.
  3. One year entire academic calendar including lecture plan, parents meeting and test date will be given.
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